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Together with my partner Leon, we want to start giving back to Iceland: the country that's given so much to us. And as a whole, do whatever we can to help regenerate our beautiful planet.

With the "Get Seen, Plant Green" package, you can get ALL my products at once, at a huge 28% off. Everything on this page normally retails for $382, but it's yours today for only $274.

This includes everything you'll see below in detail, but encompasses my courses, presets, and brand deal templates; basically, everything I sell to help people stand out online, grow a digital business, or attract a large, dedicated following. It's awesome stuff that's been designed for freelancers, influencers, artists, creatives, online business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and everyone in between.

When you buy this package, we'll also take a portion of each sale and plant 10 trees on your behalf in Iceland this summer. You don't have to do anything — you're doing your part by investing in yourself with this package.

So if you've ever been on the fence whether or not my products are for you, I've tried to make this as much of a no-brainer as possible. Get all my products at once at a huge discount, while helping us do something good for the planet.

Thank you in advance for becoming one of my many students.

Much love,

Sorelle. x

P.S. — Here's everything you're getting for a total of $274...


If you want to learn how to take jaw-dropping self-portraits that look like they were taken by an entire professional team, this is the course for you. I'll be teaching you my exact methods of creating stunning images of yourself with a few tricks and simple tools, that will boost your confidence, help sell yourself or your brand online, and pimp your Instagram feed like never before.

This course normally retails for $67 USD, though is included at 28% off when purchased together in this package!


In this course, you'll learn how I turned my Instagram account into a $225,000+ USD per year business, how I maintain higher engagement rates than the Kardashians, Beyonce, Oprah, and Gary Vee, what it takes to grow a super-dedicated audience who loves everything you do, and the art of creating great content that spreads your message far and wide.

This course normally retails for $197, though is included at 28% off when purchased together in this package!


If you’ve ever looked at my photos and wondered how I edit them, wanted to copy my editing style, or just needed some sweet Lightroom presets to give all your photos that extra moody vibe, I’m very happy to present to you all 17 super sexy presets that I use on almost all of the photos you see on my own Instagram.

You'll get both my "Hipster AF" desktop and mobile Lightroom preset collections, so you can quickly and easily edit absolutely stunning images at home, or on the go. A total of 34 presets (17 each on desktop and mobile) will be yours to use for all your images, forever.

Normally my presets retail for $50, though both mobile and desktop presets are included at 28% off when purchased together in this package!


My new, more mature, and moodier presets are now available, and part of the bundle! Ready to use for Lightroom desktop and mobile, they're a surefire way to upgrade your images, with the minimum of effort and fuss.

Valued at $58, they're included in this pack at only $41 instead with the 28% package discount!


This is the actual media kit that I use to approach brands, in order to get paid brand deals on Instagram, YouTube, and beyond. Anyone who is trying to make it on social media as an influencer, or just trying to attract partnerships with brands, needs to know the best way to go about it. And trust me when I say it's easy to get it wrong, and get ignored by companies who you're trying to pitch to.

I have been told by several brands that my media kit is one of the best and most beautifully presented kits they've ever seen. This kit has assisted in me acquiring many new clients, and boosting my image by working with high-profile companies. Steal my success, and create your own media kit based on what's worked for me!

Normally my media kit retails for $4.99, though it's included at 28% off when purchased together in this package!


If you are confused as to how to email brands to inquire about free or paid services in exchange for your promotion, here is the email template I use when I personally get in touch with companies I want to work with.

This email template is the result of a ton of trial and error I underwent in the process, until I started consistently receiving responses and partnership requests from brands, even when my following was much smaller in size. As they say, "first impressions last". What is the first impression you're giving off when pitching to a brand?

Normally my brand pitch email template retails for $4.99, though it's included at 28% off when purchased together in this package!


As a special bonus, when you purchase the "Get Seen, Plant Green" package, we'll plant 10 trees on your behalf in Iceland. Each Summer, I'll be planting ten trees in Iceland, for each of these heavily-discounted packs sold. You don't have to do anything else, apart from invest in yourself by purchasing all my products at once with a 28% discount.

And the best part? We'll even send you a personalised certificate once the trees are planted, to thank you for helping me give back to this beautiful country, and for helping me do my best to regenerate the planet.

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Sorelle Amore
Sorelle Amore

Free Human: 14 Years Nomadic, 8 Years Digital Nomad, 4 Years Financially Free, 60 Countries Explored

Hey, I'm Sorelle!

Some know me as life companion for over 8 years now, sharing my journey via YouTube, with over 120m views (through contributions across multiple YouTube channels).

At 19, I made a vow to achieve full-time work from my laptop, striving for location independence. It took until I turned 28 to make this dream a reality.

In 2017, out of 50,000 applicants, I won the Best Job on the Planet, journeying to 12 luxurious homes worldwide for 3 months.

My business journey began with self-portraiture, pioneering the Advanced Selfie. I've taught over 10,000 individuals through my course and best-selling book.

Additionally, I've empowered 60,000 students on Skillshare in crafting an authentic channel that is worth the follow.

I've mentored 4,000 more on mastering their online presence through #Blessed Instagram University and the Public Figure Bootcamp.

At 33, I realized my childhood dream of becoming a musician, slowly releasing my music across all platforms. Because why not :)

Now, after traveling the world extensively and living overseas for the majority of my adult life, I decided to return to my place of birth - Australia, and explore the depths of this rich land and culture via my amazing beast of a car named NEILA.

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